Car Key Review

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Here we will review various car keys and look at the design and functionality we will also look at the faults in design and possible ways you can ensure you don’t fall victim to the faults of certain car keys Most car keys will have a life span dictated by the amount of use and the environment the key is kept in the more technology used in car keys the more fragile they become.



Renault Card Key

Renault card keys are very problematic and will require regular repairs.

Often card not detected will appear on the instrument cluster





Opel Key

Opel keys will require regular repairs.

Often a lock symbol will appear on the instrument cluster




Porsche Key

Porsche car keys have usage counters and will only last so many uses.





Mercedes Benz Key

Mercedes keys can also fail and can be repaired.

Often remote function and start function will fail




Nissan Remote Key

Nissan remote keys can be repaired.




Nissan, Opel, Renault Van Key

Nissan, Opel and Renault van keys also fail often.

Often holes will appear on the button part of the key





Toyota and Lexus Key

Toyota and Lexus key fail very often.

These keys will break where the key meets the remote

Beware of bad quality key cases on the market

Also keeping your locks lubricated will help with this type of key

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