Warning Lights?
Faults can be caused by anything, occasionally something really insignificant, like battery discharge. The trick is to know so you can resolve it before it becomes a more serious issue. Find out what’s wrong, be informed!
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Lost or Spare Keys

We stock keys for most makes and models, Spare Keys are made while you wait, Lost Keys too! No longer do you have to wait for the dealer to order a key from Far Far Away Land at great expense, we have the keys paired with the unmatched prices! What more do you need?

Electronic Rework, Data Repair, Correction & Programming

Speak to use about Data Swapping, Immo Off/Bypass, Virginising, Cloning Modules, Reverse Engineering and much more. We specialise in electronic repair, rework and programming.

Key Repair & Refurbishment

Most keys repaired in under 30 minutes? We provide fast turn around times for key repair, this includes anything from electronic circuit board repair to full casing replacement. We stock repair parts and components for most makes and models.

Automotive Diagnostic Solutions

From the basic adaptations to complicated programming procedures, we have you covered. We have provide this essential service aiding in cost efficient & quicker repair of vehicles. In short, we take guesswork out of repair.

Locked Out?

Lets help you get back in! Auto Locksmith Co. boasts a clean no damage opening record. Fully Armoured, Custom & Luxury Vehicles included. Our technicians are ready to assist you!

Technical Support

Stuck? Need Help? Get in touch with us. We provide Remote Sessions or On-Site assistance to resolve any Hardware or Software related issues with your workshop equipment. Available during working hours 8AM to 5PM GMT+2.