BMW 3 SERIES E46 (1997-2006) Spare Key Service

R 1,620.00R 2,270.00 Incl. VAT


There are 2 Spare Key options available for the BMW E46:

  • Standard Key WITH Transponder
  • Remote Key WITH Transponder

PLEASE NOTE: There are no remote options for the Pre-Facelift E46, this is due to remote function using infrared rather than radio frequency. We only make remotes for the vehicles that use the 3 button Diamond Key, so please only select the Standard Key option if you have a Pre-Facelift model.


Detailed Description of Service

Option 1

This service is to supply 1 x Duplicated Standard Key WITH Transponder,  Programmed

Option 2

This service is to supply 1 x Duplicated Remote Key WITH Transponder, Programmed

Lost Key Options

1 x Standard Key WITH Transponder, 1 x Remote Key WITH Transponder


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